Sunday, July 1, 2018

PlayStation Days of Play

Well so much for getting this post out on time!! When Sony rolled out their Days of Play campaign Father's Day weekend this year, it officially marked my 1 year anniversary as a PS4 owner. Why is this a big deal? Well for me, I haven't had much of a relationship w/ Sony or the PlayStation brand.

Last year when Sony first unveiled the gold PS4, I contemplated purchasing the gold console. Not because it was gold or limited, but for the fact that it was a good deal. Last year, 2017, the gold PS4 retailed for $249.99 and contained a 1 TB HD as opposed to the 500 GB HD that most consoles at retail currently had. There were a few games that had caught my eye from time to time in my Game Informer magazine and it just seemed as it the PS4 had the "edge" over the Xbox One that I also owned. As much as I loved my Xbox 360, my love for Microsoft's platform was waning and I needed to do something about it.

I ended up grabbing the gold PS4 as a Father's Day / early birthday gift to myself. I started building my library slowly with Ratchet & Clank as my first purchase. I was a huge fan of the series on the PS2 so I knew that was a safe place to begin. Once I finished I wasn't sure where to go next. Thankfully with the PS4 being out for several years there were no shortages of games for me to try. I grabbed a few games from a GameStop during one of their better sales events and I tried The Last of Us Remastered Edition next. I did a post at the beginning of 2018 as I was just getting into the game and after I finished it, I was hooked. While I enjoyed playing the Dead Rising games on my Xbox One, I was falling in love w/ the PS4 after playing just a few games.

Ever since Sony threw their name into the home video game console wars, I've always had a luke warm reception to the PlayStation brand. I have always been a Nintendo fan (and closet Sega fan) so when the PS1 was announced, I was still firmly in Nintendo's camp. It wasn't until the first PlayStation was remolded as the PSOne that I bought my first PlayStation console. I waited a good number of years before jumping onto the PS2 bandwagon. I had bought the original Xbox over the PS2 so it took me awhile to get acclimated w/ the PS2's library. As I mentioned before, the Ratchet & Clank became my go to franchise and the games I played the most. I mostly skipped over the PS3 era because of my love for the 360. I have a PS3, but it rarely gets used these days. Hopefully that paints a decent enough picture of why I was a little hesitant in buying a PS4, but let me tell you one year later it's a decision that I do NOT regret!

Most of my modern gaming has been back and forth between the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. I've enjoyed picking up some of the Limited Run exclusives as well as some of the exclusives from for my PS4. I still game on some of my retro consoles as well, but when it comes to modern gaming I have found my two favorite platforms. Microsoft as fallen behind in this modern gaming era (at least for me) and I'm not sure what it'll take for me to buy a new game on release date. Maybe this upcoming Halo game they teased at E3 will draw me back in for awhile, but right night I just can't see my Xbox One getting much use. Currently I'm finishing up the DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn, a game that I have loved every minute of. I find it a little ironic too that this was one of the games that was featured in last year's Days of Play and I knew nothing of the game. Thanks to my public library of all places, I rented HZD a few months ago and instantly fell in love with the story and gameplay.

I don't know what game I'll jump into next. It may not be a console exclusive, but it will be on the PS4. Perhaps I'll visit the Resident Evil universe (haven't played a RE game since RE2 on the N64!) or I try to find a reasonably priced Far Cry 5? I'm still juggling a few other games at the moment, but whatever path I take next with my PS4 I'm assured it'll be a fun ride.

I was surprised to see that this year's Days of Play exclusive PS4 console jumped $50. If anything I thought the price may have dropped if not stayed at $249.99. I wasn't wild with the new design so I'm glad I grabbed the gaudy gold edition last year. My only grip was that I just paid $39.99 for the deluxe version of Horizon Zero Dawn and then it winds up being $20 as part of this sale!

Looking forward I have my eye on the new Spider-Man game coming. I don't buy many games new anymore these days (for many reasons), however this may be a day one purchase for me. I feel like I've come a long way in a short time with Sony and the PS4 has really helped renew my interest in the PS brand and the company as a whole. Not sure what lies ahead w/ their next console, but for now I'm loving my "new" PS4.


  1. I enjoy my PS4 and Switch as well. I've been working through Assassin's Creed still. Far Cry is sitting on my shelf unopened and I've just dabbled in Ark. However, with the baby I find drop in/out games like Fortnite to be what I've spent most of my gaming time on for the past 6 weeks!

  2. That gold console is pretty cool. I have the Darth Vader one from a few years ago. Haven't turned it on in months... but I'm sure the drought will end one of these days. I've got two weeks off coming in about 5 weeks. PS4 is bound to play a role.