Monday, November 14, 2016

New Acquisitions: September / October 2016

I can't believe another 2 months has passed already since my last New Editions post. My work schedule remains busy and will be until I get into December, however I have been able to work in some time to play games more recently. Good thing too as I picked up some great new games!

I've still been focusing on picking up pinball titles that I don't have and that brought me to my first new Playstation and Wii games in awhile.

It's not everyday that I pick up a new Neo Geo MVS game, but I grabbed this beat 'em up for a great price. Since picking this up, I ordered a nice shock box for it from Southtown to complete it's look on the shelf. Hopefully Mario Pinball Land on the GBA is good.

My Xbox One collection is rather small, partly because I absolutely hate installing games to the hard drive, however I could not pass up the HD remakes of Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2. I also enjoyed the two Dead Island games and I found the collection for $20 new so I guess I'll continue to kill the same zombies I did on the 360. The Vita games (Arcana Max and Ninja Gaiden) were cheap and I've been wanting to round out the collection since I acquired the Aqua colored Vita a few months back.

My youngest daughter has been on a big Mario kick lately (thanks in part to "Mario Cat", aka Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U) and she picked up Super Paper Mario. I believe that will be the next Mario game her and I tackle. Worms Armageddon I found at one of the local shops. My wife and I played the crap out of this game before becoming parents and having much less time to spend on ourselves. We both played a quick game the other night as I was testing out the VGA connection after purchasing a new TV for my game room. We were rusty, but man is that a fun game! I think I owned Midnight Magic for the Atari 2600 back when I was a kid, either way I'm looking forward to a pinball night coming up real soon.

I'm not a huge Playstation fan, but I love the Ratchet & Clank series of games. My OCD prevents me from buying Greatest Hits type packaging, but I had to settle for Tools of Destruction as I could never find the first release...until recently at a local shop. Stefano Bruni from Facebook came through for me with a great deal on a beautiful, complete copy of Daimakamura for the Sega Mega Drive. This game frustrates the heck out of me, but that doesn't stop me from playing. The gorgeous box art is what sealed the deal for me. Waglan Land is a Namco series of games that began on the Famicom that are surprisingly fun. I love the small Famicom clam shells Namco used during this period and a eBay seller took my offer that was a good bit under his asking price. Didn't expect that. The other two 2600 games came bundled w/ Midnight Magic. Not sure if they will be keepers as they both are sports titles (skate boarding and baseball).

On the PC Engine/Turbografx front, I grabbed Tiger Road and Kyukyoku Tiger (Twin Cobra). I don't usually buy loose PCE games, but it was cheap, I love shmups and I was hoping to get a guy from Facebook to make me a custom case. Pac-Land was another cheap pick up from a Facebook group. It's not my favorite game, but I look forward to teaching my daughters how to play the game. Extreme Pinball for the Playstation rounds out the group of games.

With the holidays just around the corner I don't expect my next New Editions post to contain quite as much, however that isn't necessarily a bad thing as I have a lot games to keep me busy.