Wednesday, June 7, 2017

8 Bit Art - Yea or Nay?

Many Target stores have started carrying video game related items in the electronics department such as retro clone consoles, wallets, keychains and sticky note art. You may have seen these packs of 8 Bit Art at your local store.

Several weeks ago I found these packs of "art" had been moved to the toy aisle. I was hoping they had been clearanced from their original $4.99 price point, but they hadn't. I was with my wife and she thought it was pretty cool, so I grabbed the different packs they had available to determine which one to get. All three available were from the original Super Mario Bros. series. There was a larger Fire Mario, a small jumping Mario and the one I purchased.

This product is just what it says it is...sticky note art. However the sticky notes aren't very sticky and just like a Post-It note, the adhesive is only on the top part of the paper. So you guessed it, they don't adhere to the wall at that well. While putting them up on the wall, I was constantly fighting pieces falling off and I become quite annoyed. The package comes with 3 stacks of sticky notes, red, brown and peach. There is also a paper measuring strip that helps you line up the art on your wall. The process of putting the image together wasn't that bad, but make sure you have a level handy so you make sure you get everything straight from the beginning.

Once I was able to get the image complete and I stepped back, it didn't look that bad. I didn't get some of the squares perfectly straight so my OCD started to kick in and annoy me. I thought the finished product looked good, but how long would it last on the wall? I'm sure you are wondering the same.

Other than a few pieces falling off, the image stayed up on the wall for several weeks, I recently decided to remove it as I wanted to get some customer framed canvas squares with game logos hung on the wall where Mario was. By the time I removed the small sticky notes, many of them were curling up. I don't think Mario could have lasted much longer. 

Overall I believe Mario stayed on the wall for about a month. Honestly this is longer than I thought. It's a great idea, but the execution just seemed to fall a little short. Now had each sticky note square had better or more adhesive, then perhaps I'd have a different final opinion. Have you worked with one of these kits? What was your experience with it? 


  1. It's a cool idea. If I had a game room, I'd consider decorating it with some of these (assuming they upgrade the adhesives).

  2. It looks great on the wall despite the defects.They might look cool framed,though.

  3. NAY! I will not, repeat, will not spend money on post it notes to display them. Google and my printer will spit out all the paper photos I want / need to display.