Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Latest Haul from Japan Retro Direct

If you're looking to import games from Japan but are sick and tired of the crazy asking prices from eBay sellers, all is not lost! Enter a great new way to acquire Japanese games at a fraction of those high prices...Japan Retro Direct.

You may have heard me mention them before as I've been doing business with them since their early Game Gavel days. A few weeks ago I saw a few things in their latest Facebook page update and as soon as I sold a few things of my own, I made a small order and it finally arrived over the weekend.

From left to right, I got Caravan Shooting Collection for the Super Famicom. This is a collection of Hudson's 8-bit shmups originally featured on the Famicom/NES. I've already given each game a few rounds of play and I was quickly reminded of how horrible I am at these simple shmups, but also how much fun they still are to play.

Next up is Space Invaders for the PC Engine. I haven't given this one much time yet as I was out of town last weekend with a surprise trip for my daughters to the mountains. However this version of the classic game has a little different spin so I'm looking forward to spending more time with it. Good PC Engine games go quickly when added to Japan Retro Direct's store so you have to act quickly...after all, they are priced to sell.

Also in my package was a set of Pokemon stickers (which my 7 year old daughter quickly confiscated) and a rather cool fold out (promotional?) poster for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game for the Nintendo Switch.

The poster is so big I couldn't figure out a good way to photograph it all unfolded! One side features gorgeous art of the cast of characters while the other side gives you a little bio of sorts for each character included in then new game.

Although I'm not the biggest Smash Bros. fan, I really appreciated the small token added to my latest package. I'm currently trying to find the best place in my game room to display this cool piece of video game art.

Make sure you jump on over to Facebook and like their page so you can keep up w/ the latest stock updates so you can score some great games and save a little $$.

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  1. I've ran into a bunch of people over the past few years hunting for video games while walking around the flea market. Makes me wonder if I'm in the wrong hobby. Maybe I should collect video games instead of cards. Lol. Nah. Way too late for me to start a new hobby. I can't even remember the last time I turned on my PS4.